Mobile Wallpapers Speak For You

Nowadays almost everyone has a mobile phone in their hands. Apart from using phones to keep in touch with people, we can also maximize the functions provided by phone makers and thus get ourselves the most cost-effective solutions. We should make the best of what we do with our phones, including decorating them with wallpapers of our own choice.

Decorating cell phones with wallpapers can be great in many ways, among which I would like to expound on two major ones. To begin with, wallpaper of your own choice can make your cell phone more a part of yourself and thus enabling you to become less universalized as a common human being. When choosing your wallpaper you are also choosing a part of yourself; you understand some of your personal aspects, such as the scenery you like, the animal you prefer, or the star you hold so dearly to your heart. That’s quite a way to for you to stand out as an individual with crystal-clear identity in a community, instead of being simply a part of a universalized entity.

Secondly, wallpapers of your choice can send out an invisible signal to the person you hold the closest to your heart. By this, I assume that people will have the photos of their loved ones or related trademarks of their most-cared person as the default wallpaper. For example, if the photo or name of your lover is “set” as your mobile phone wallpaper, he or she is bound to realize how much you care about and cherish the relationship between the two of you. And if you choose the picture of one of your family members to be the default wallpaper, that person could not possibly fail to sense your affection. Sometimes, words spoken loud and clear can be dismissed as less skillful in getting your feelings across. Then it is high time for you to let your wallpaper speak for you. Moreover, with a specific wallpaper, you are not only telling others about something not so easy to come out in words, but also reminding yourself and reinforcing the awareness that you care about somebody so much as to want to have him or her with you day and night.

To conclude, wallpapers speak for you in two aspects. Firstly, it identifies you as an independent individual, and makes the world know that you are not willing to be totally universalized with others. Secondly, it speaks out your love and affection without the need for you to actually undergoing the shyness or difficulty of saying anything to your most beloved one.

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